Sun is up, the cards hot, and we are ready for new adventures! This is how great trips, good movies and good stories begin. Our   Road trip is over, we got to see breathtaking panoramas, spoke with strange people, drove for uncountable miles and I got feve… But let’s start it from the beginning. We leave Las Vegas excited as a child who’s about to go to Disneyland, or as an adult about to going to the Oktoberfest, depending on your point of view. We have to spend in the car at least 3 hours, and Zion National Park awaits us.

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Zion National Park, what to do?

St George is already far away and our destination is getting closer and closer, surrounding landscape starts to change, there is no arid desert anymore, trees begin to popolate the view, flat land leave space to the  mountains. We arrive at the park and “our” trustworthy ranger, at the turist center, gives us a map, tells us his ritual suggestions, we got a little confused. But thanks to a friend, who clears up our minds, we understand what to do and which trails to hike. First of all: the Canyon Overlook and the Riverside Walk, not to be missed.


Zion National Park, Riverside Walk trail

Let’s start! First trail: Riverside Walk, this trail follows closely the river. We find ourselves in the canyon gorge, the massive walls of rocks on one side and the river on the other one. The atmosphere is charming, we’re completely immersed in nature: deers drinking at the creek, birds singing… One thing brings us back to the stark reality. The temperature. All of our “colleagues” on the trail are highly equipped and trained hikers, what about us?… Well, we have the same equipment as for a day at the mall. We have no water, no jacket, just Converse at our feet. I would say not the perfect setting for a walk in a canyon, at sunset and in the middle of nowhere.
Exhausted from the cold, we go back to the car, “professional” hikers are teasing us with their ironical smiles.


Zion National Park, Canyon Overlook Trail

Back to the car we wear a heavier jacket and we head to the second trail, Canyon Overlook. Little bit more difficult than the previous. We got to the entrance of the trail, it’s almost dark, it’s just me and my friend. We climb the first part of it, literally on the canyon’s wall, helped by the ‘comfortable’ steps hollowed inside the rocks. We keep going ahead as only tough guys can do. Well, now it is dark and we don’t know where the this trail ends. We meet two daredevils, they show us the way to follow as the “lady” of Google Maps. We climb a smaller wall, we pass through a suspended wooden bridge and… here we are! A small rocky promontory overlooking the whole Canyon. The view is magnificent, the street down in the valley seems so tiny from up here. We sit down on a rock and we admire the stunning view for few minutes.
Sunset’s weak light makes us company. Now it’s completely dark, but it’s all too spectacular to leave that magic place right now. We take few pictures, but pics cannot explain for real that view! Now it’s time to go back to the car, no sun, no moon, no lights…we have to use our mobile lights in order to follow the trail back to the parking lot. We feel wild, adventurers. We are not like that but it is nice to think so. As soon as we get to the car, we hear at distance a Coyote howling, Zion gives us its Good Night!


It’s time to go to sleep.
Tomorrow: Bryce Canyon.
P.S. The starry sky is indescribable!!



zion national park

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