Our journey throughout the streets of America continues. We are in the desert, in the midst of dust, and red soil and snakes. A perfect match.
While our eyes are trying to look around as much as possible so as not to miss anything of that landscape, there appears from nowhere the City of contrast, easy money, the casinos, many movies and marriages celebrated after too many drinks. All of this and much more is Las Vegas!

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Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is huge but the hordes of tourists and hardcore gamers are just found on the main street, the famous Las Vegas Strip. This unique street, almost 5 miles long, hosts 19 of the 25 largest hotels in the world (by number of rooms), with a total of 65,000 rooms. The proportion and size of the hotel is impressive.
Clearly this city has nothing to do with a normal city, everything fake and like a Theme Park for adults. Numerous theme hotels give color to the Strip. You can find everything, you can quickly find yourself wandering through the canals of Venice, retrace the gladiators exploits in the ancient Rome or sip a glass of wine in the Eiffel Tower restaurant. All of this within few miles. To understand its atmosphere you just need to spend one night in it and then leave it behind with all its vices. It’s definitely a unique city and it’s half way to our destination, so we cannot miss it.

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The Buffets

We don’t want to miss a thing, we reserved a room at the MGM. Great room, great hotel, but we’re starving!!! We leave the luggage in our room and we go straight away to look for a great buffet.
Las Vegas is not just famous for its casinos and hotels, but for its numerous and great buffets, it depends on your needs, we are in a city full of amazing restaurants and chefs, but we decide to have a great buffet.
We find a kiosk that sells buffets tickets: “half price for the Mandalay bay buffet” “deal!”: all inclusive, including drinks. We got it! Before us a feast for our eyes and our palate! All kinds of cuisines, from all types of cultures: Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese,! Everything is abundant, indeed abundant. We eat as much as we can.
Satisfied and practically full as rolling out of the door we go back to the Strip.

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The Strip

Las Vegas is famous for its nightlife and in fact despite being late, we are actually in Vegas rush hour. We fall in love with every single hotel we visit. Buildings of any kind. Buildings we’ve never seen, we star taking thousands of pics (when possible). We begin rating every hotel we visit Maybe because we’re Italians, but we think that, Caesars Palace and The Venetian, are the ones who have left us surely speechless.
Tired and sleepy decide that is time to go to sleep.
We are in front of the Venetian and the MGM Hotel never seemed to be so far away.

Good Night!

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las vegas

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