Portland Oregon, this stranger

For sure this is not the city that comes up to your mind when you’re thinking about traveling. New York, California, the Caribbean, Europe…but not Portland Oregon.
Portland is Oregon largest city. It is located in the Willamette Valley region of the Pacific Northwest, at the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia rivers. It is located in the northwest of the US, 15-hour drive northside of Los Angeles and 3 hours southside of Seattle. The state is Oregon. The city has about 600,000 inhabitants, located among the mountains, beaches and rivers, it remains quite isolated from the rest of the States. But don’t think about Portland as a sad forgotten city in the middle of nowhere. The 28th most populous city in the United States. Roughly 60 percent of Oregon’s population resides within the  Portland metropolitan area. The region is thriving, life costs little compared to the most popular US cities, to find a job is not that difficult, and its inhabitants are very proud of their own land. Many Californians are moving here, and they’re not always welcome, they’re often are teased by Oregonians.

Shanghai tunnels

Portland history.
Portland has a small town feel with coffee shops and stores. But under it all is a under ground city called the shanghai tunnels. Portland was the port for ships that would bring product. These tunneles lead to multiple buildings in the water front and connect with their basements. Its was convenient for the hotels and resturant owners. But just like how it was convenient to bring things in, it was also convenient to send things out without the general public knowing. Rumores say that these tunnels were used to traffic stolen goods and people. But historiens have not found evidentes of such things happening. Will leave it up to you. Now days you can do a fun tour of these tunnels and learn how they were built, history and “rumores” Lets just say that the quiet streets of Portland aren’t what they seem.

Downtown Portland Oregon

Downtown Portland Oregon is very neat. Not being extremely big, Portland does not present chaos or disorder, things common in cities like LA & NYC. Downtown Portland is nice and clean, buildings and streets are very well maintained. That is true even about the port on Willamette River, as you can see in the header photo.
There is a walking trail that brings you from the Port to the other side of the Willamette River and back to Downtown. The Riverside is pleasant and relaxing, shops and cafes are common. A cableway connects Downtown to the largest hospital in the city, which has national relevance. There is a hill attached to Downtown, you should go there! A beautiful garden and a spectacular view awaits you!


Source of great pride for the inhabitants of the area are the various breweries. Maybe they not reach the quality and prestige of the most known German breweries, but surely Portland is well known within the States for that characteristic.
The various breweries, not only offer beers, they also offer fine dinners, people in the evening can enjoy a veggie burger or a classic Bacon Cheese Burger with a beautiful blonde, and a beer too of course! 😉

Downtown Portland
Portland Bridge

Portland Oregon area

There is much to visit in the surrounding area. Traveling eastward along the Columbia River, you can visit the famous Multnomah Falls: several waterfalls, large, small, high and low, falling down from the mountains to the Columbia River. A destination not to be missed!

The path that leads you from Downtown Portland to the Waterfalls is some 60 minutes driving long and is really impressive, in dense thickets of pines that cover the surrounding mountains. There are also plenty of walking trails for hikers!

Beer is not the only distinctive feature of the region. Rain is often present. Rain helps the growing and presence of many trees. Everything here is green. Between October and May t’s raining almost every day, even though precipitations are not always constant. So, if you decide travel to this part of the US between September and May, well bring with you an umbrella, just in case! 😉

Columbia River
Portland trees
Portland creek

In conclusion we can say that Portland Oregon is quiet, but not too much, surrounded by green and nature. One hour and a half from Downtown Portland you can visit Mount Hood, very nice when snowy as well in summer time. Mount Hood is well visible from the hill above the town, or from the south-east side of Portland, and it is the main Oregonian ski destination. But I’ll tell you more about this, next time I will pass through this beautiful area! 😉


Portland, OR

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