Paris! The city of love, romance, couples in search of their perfect weekend and wedding declarations on top of the Eiffel Tower. Is that all?
What else has to offer the city of Vie en Rose?
Paris is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In addition to the countless architectural works and museums, a thing that in my opinion is immediately perceived is the one of a kind atmosphere.
Whether you are a couple looking for romantic weekends or friends looking for a new city to visit, Paris is definitely for you.

What to see in Paris

Clearly Paris offers countless activities to do and plenty of things to see. What you should do, (this is my suggestion directly from my experience, is to make a list of what to see and prioritize that list. Choose the things you think you really have to see, and then follow with what inspires you the most, after that. I often found myself in unfamiliar streets or not super touristic places, but this has added a touch of magic to my trip. Be ready, Paris is a city of magical places, dozens of those. 😉
Let’s go back now to our itinerary.



sacre-coeurMontmartre, this is for certainty one of the best places that will immerse you in the Paris atmosphere! It’s definitely with in the must-see places. With its buildings, shops and alleyways, this area makes you take a step back into the past, you will feel like being in the movie “Midnight in Paris”. Old Woody Allen, of course, you will not meet the same people of the protagonist, but you will have the feeling of living the Paris you’ve always heard about. To get there, catch the metro (stop Abbesses).

arpa-sacre-coeurIn Montmartre you will find the Sacred Coer Basilica, another historic piece of Paris. Beside this, you can relax by listening to some street artist music, played live, while sitting on the steps in front of the Basilica and admire Paris from hight. What else!! ;)


Another place you cannot miss out are the Champs-Elysees, where you can walk among the many shops, until you’ll get to the Arc de Triomphe, another historical monument in Paris. If you want you can visit it with the € 8,00 ticket. It’s strictly forbidden to cross the street! So look for the subway to reach the monument.


arc de triomphe Paris

Notre Dame

notre-dameNotre Dame has an historical importance, you cannot miss out the Notre Dame Cathedral. They did musicals, movies, cartoons..ect, ect.

Over the many things you will see and visit in Paris, Notre Dame is a huge place to visit. So be prepared, catch the subway till the St Michel – Notre Dame Metro Station and here we are.

The Cathedral is huge, very close to the Seine river, this makes it all the more impressive. Inside its mosaics makes it wonderful. If we have the strengh and good will (and another €8,00) you can climb all the steps to the top, admire the city from the high. This is always a pleasure, maybe while taking pictures of the famous gargoyles.

paris notre dame gargoyles

Shakespeare and Company

Few steps from the Cathedral of Notre Dame, there is what I consider a “gem”: the bookstore Shakespeare and Company. Almost  an unreal place.

Imagine yourself being in the chaos of a huge city. Then you walk down the street, you see a couple of street shops and a green window shop that attracts your attention. You go inside. The shop name reminds you of something, the books you see displayed are very interesting, you then decide to enter. Crossed that door you are no longer in Paris.


No more chaos, just thousands of scattered books. There is no noise, just silence. People around you (not tourists), are different, they have something sophisticated, curious, like they’re coming out of some nice novel. You look at them to see if they have a familiar face. The atmosphere is warm, just wooden shelves around you, containing all types of books, new and old ones. You feel yourself transported to a parallel dimension, made of fiction, letters, typewriters, paper and covers. Everything seems to be in disorder but on the right place.

While you’re completely immerse in the atmosphere, you hear a melody. You try to perceive where it comes from. You’re standing on the creaky wooden stairs, you turn around, and  you catch sight of a lady sitting at a piano, with yellowed sheet music from an old dusty shelf. Everything it seems just at the right place, in harmony. The only thing you do is sitting close by the piano,  and you letting yourself be transported in what at that time is the environment. Your atmosphere!

A sign says:

“All the characters in this bookstore are fictitious, so please leave your everyday self outside the door when you enter the place that Henry Miller calls wonderland of books.”

No need to say that I particularly liked that place 🙂

The Tour Eiffel

tour-eiffel-carouselSo far we have not talked about “the Monument” of Paris. You get to Trocadero Metro station, and…..there it is in all its majesty: The Eiffel Tower!!

The quantity of iron is indescribable. With its 324 meters high, completely different from the rest of the Paris buildings, but yet perfect. Of course looking at it from the ground is not enough, you MUST absolutely get to the top. You might want to go up at sunset. You’ll have for sure and impressive experience.

Do not leave the area so quickly once you are done with the visit, wait till it gets dark. The lights switched on on it will make the experience unforgettable!!



louvreParis means also culture, art and history. Therefore a mandatory step is one of the most famous museums in the world, the Louvre. I will not talk much on museums, I like museums very much, but I usually try not to spend too much time inside museums during my travels. I do prefer to take advantage of the remaining days as much as possible, being in contact with local culture. The Louvre, however deserves big attention, either if you’re a history lover or not.

Not to be missed  is as well the d’Orsay museum. Erected where the former old railway station “Gare d’Orsay” was. Inside the museum you’ll find the major exponents of French Impressionism and Post-Impressionism.

Louvre and Orsay: very beautiful artworks, both the structures hosting the museums and the artworks displayed in them. I loved them.

These of course were just some of the things you can see in Paris.

If you are gonna visit Paris, I hope this informations to be useful. If you’re just traveling with your imagination, write us what were your experiences in this magnificent city, and what would you recommend to see.

Now I just want to wish you, Bon Voyage!



torre eiffel faro


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