What do you know about Montpellier?

Montpellier is not a well known destination. Until the day before my departure I just knew it because its French Ligue 1 soccer team. I knew there were beaches, and that was located halfway between Marseille and Barcelona.
If you choose to go to Montpellier by plane, there is a very convenient shuttle service, that takes you from the airport to Downtown. Once in Downtown you can use the extensive rail network and tram network. But you can even use the bike or walk, a pleasant way to visit that, not too big City!
Unfortunately, no low cost airline fly to Montpellier from Milan! So we have to catch the train. If you think of doing the same it may be useful to use the website of French railways SNCF. At first, even though I love to fly, I’m intrigued about the journey and the landscapes that I’ll see: Turin, Bardonecchia, then once entered in France, Chambery (small town not far from Lyon), then Valence and finally Montpellier. Finally…yes, cause the journey was endless: wake up at 7.00am and departure at 8.00am, but we got to the final destination at 5.35pm. But on that occasion, we came here to attend a wedding, and the groom is the one picking us up at the train station, sadly he must simultaneously receive 3 different family groups, 2 photographers and rent a car at the same time……the result? I got at our hosts’ house around 11.00pm, after 16 hours travel (by train and by car!!) A ate a quick dinner and then I go immediately to sleep exhausted !
I woke up and it’s already Friday morning, a nice sunny Friday morning. Everybody want to go to the beach!! We walk for a while on the beach. After a long winter, few steps on the sandy beach in a sunny day of March can be really relaxing!

Beach Montpellier

A Closer Sight to Montpellier Downtown

Here we are. We have a whole afternoon before us, we’ll visit Downtown Montpellier! And honestly it is very nice. Its aristocratic  buildings, Gare St Roche train station, its streets connecting the Opera Comédie to the Station, its colorful trams, its street artists in Opera Comédie square and the carousel.

St-Roche Station
Indoor St-Roche Station
Montpellier Downtown Streets
Tram St-Roche
carusel montpellier
carusel montpellier

At night everything’s more magic with all these beautiful lightened buildings.

Opera Montpellier
Montpellier di notte

Montpellier Countryside

Time flies, and a full day is already gone. I had just one single day, but I suggest at least two or three day, for a perfect visit. It’s already wedding time. The place is stunning, but it takes forever to get here, “15 minutes” they said, but at the end we drive almost one hour. But it is worthy it.

Cavalli a Montpellier
Casolare nelle campagna di Montpellier

So even the third day of travel is gone, and tonight there is the hour changing, so I’m gonna sleep one hour less!! I go to bed at 4.00am! I sleep straight away, tomorrow (in few hours) I have to leave early… but I’m not going back home, I’m going to Bordeaux!!
Continue the journey with us by reading the Bordeaux post!! 😉


Montpellier, Francia

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