We’re exited, today is a great day. We’re about to take a trip abroad! Exactly, we’re leaving the States!!! A classic quick breakfast, Starbucks cappuccino and a chocolate muffin, and we’re ready to head to the border. Today it’s tacossombreros and chile day! There we go, Mexico!!

Welcome to Mexico… well to Tijuana!

We drive fast from OC and we’re already at the Mexican border. Our goal today is Tijuana. There it is, in front of our eyes with all its peculiarities. We are in Mexico! Only a few miles from the USA, but the difference between MX and US is surreal.

Full of colors, full of drivers who have taken driver’s license who knows how and where. Suspicious people are around us, some friends from this City suggest us to avoid to visit certain neighborhoods or streets, basically they say to stay in Tijuana Downtown.  We’re not used to that situation, that’s weird. We have our personal guide, our friend take us to the best tacos place in town! And this is how it should be: we’re in Mexico, so Mexican food should be and is great!

tijuana downtown
tijuana main street

Be Careful at the Border

From the US going to Mexico is very easy but not the opposite. Get to the right path to the US is almost impossible, Tijuana streets are a mess, no signs and even our guide got confused and we end up on the right path but wrong lane, we didn’t mean to do it, but there is no way to change lanes!! So at customs the agents, after having checked the car in every single corner, warn us. Remember, if you ever will cross the MX-US border, NEVER get to the wrong lane!! For this time they say we just get a warning, but next time it will be they say $ 5,000 fine!!! We thank the agent, and America, and we return to OC from our Mexican trip!

tijuana road

Here we are, back to OC. Dinner at some friends house, sushi and pleasant chatting help us forget the bad adventure. Tomorrow we’re leaving toward the desert.

Good night and see ya soon Cali!

santa monica california

San Diego


Santa Monica

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