New York City. There is little and yet so much to say. Today I will give you some tips for a relaxing day in Manhattan, with the possibility of great pics and delicious food to be enjoyed along the way: Manhattan by bike. This is the eighth time I come to Manhattan, but this is the first time I catch a bike, start exploring the City among the most famous skyscrapers in the world! Why I never done that before? That’s a good question: let’s say I always opted for the Subway, quicker way of transportation, and because the weather, during my previous visits, was not perfect, either too hot or too cold. But not this time: the perfect temperature: sunny and about 70-75 degrees. I have no hurry. I just got to Port Authority station, I swipe my credit card at the citi bike station and ready to go!

Why Manhattan by bike

At least for 2 reasons: 1) you can move faster than by foot and 2) you can visit the city better. Even the subway is a good alternative, but one of your days in Manhattan I highly recommend to hire a bike! You’ll be able to stop wherever you want, take pics, live the jungle New Yorker traffic: live Manhattan! If you choose to use citibike you don’t even have to worry about the parking, cause at every corner there are citibike stations. My journey starts with Time Square!

manhattan by bike

How to ride Manhattan by bike

This is one of the citibike bikes. With about $10 you have up to 24h to use your bike. You can take it and return it, in whatever citibike station you want.

Manhattan by bike
 No worry about where to leave the bike. On every corner of the city there are citibike stations and the price is really affordable.
CONS. You have to return the bike within 30 minutes in any of the many citibike stations, then if you want you can get another one after only two minutes. I opted for this choice but perhaps should rent a normal bike, so you do not have to be tied to 30 minutes, even if you are required to return the bike where it is leased, which is not necessary with citibike.

citi bike

But now I’m starving, it’s time to Shake Shack!! One of the best hamburgers of the country !! 😛

shake shack

When Manhattan by bike

Usually the months of September / October and April / May are the ideal ones to visit Manhattan by bike, because of the weather. Of course it depends, not every year is the same. Even the beginning of November, March and June can be fine, but there are some risks, maybe snow, maybe rain in November and humid heat in June / July. My Manhattan by bike route started in Port Authority as mentioned before, with stops at Shake Shack, Time Square, down toward Union Square, and then straight down to China Town! Riding get me tired and and hungry again, stop recommended: Joe’s Shanghai! A couple of dumplings and … guess where I am here…

brooklyn bicycle

Well if you have never been in NY it might be not easy to guess. Let’s say that I allow myself one “step” outside Manhattan. From China Town starts the famous Brooklyn Bridge that bring me in Brooklyn in a just few minutes and the view from this side of the East River, is this one…

brooklyn pier

What else? I think we can talk about NYC for hours (you’ll soon find another post about the Big Apple!) Tip: my bike ride lasted about 3-4 hours, I was in a hurry, so I strongly recommend to dedicate a whole day to that experience. You might choose the best weather day and then just relax yourself among the most high skyscrapers in the US. You will not regret it! Follow us to remain up to date, and contact us for more infos or simple comments! 😉 For now that’s all. See ya soon from the Big Apple!! Now I’m having an ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory 😉

Port Authority Bus Terminal

Joe's Shangai

Brooklyn Bridge

World Trade Center

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factor

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