Here we are at the Horseshoe Bend!

We wake up, surrounded by red rocks and sand, just little shrubbery. Page, a little city, born likely cause of the Glen Canyon Damn, and its liked tourist’s activities. Full of Native Americans, brings a typical atmosphere. Dave got fever. He doen’t care too much, we have to spots to visit, stunning places! First stop: Horseshoe Bend, I missed last time I was around here, now I know it, I can’t miss it!! Look at it!!

horseshoe bend full

My Favorite Canyon!

Sun is high. We walk the path toward the Horseshoe Bend. Is getting hot, and Dave is getting weak, so he slow down, I take the photo-maker leadership, he can’t handle it at the moment. But first let me take a sight of it!! Oh man, that’s huge!!

Amazing!! Pictures just can’t describe it as it is for real, breathtaking!! 1,000-foot drop, no fence! We must be careful, it’s so huge I just can’t take it all in the camera!! We have seen lots of beautiful places so far in that trip, but this…this is HUGE!! I just sit after taking all the pics I can, and contemplate that gorgeous piece of creation! On our trip we were almost running to visit every spot we wanted, finally even if for little time I got time to stop and relax, while the desert breeze skim my face.

This is basically the aim of that blog: take out the most of every place, taking the necessary time to enjoy every step we make. But I just can’t stand as I want, Dave is getting worse and he’s back on the way to the car. But I got what I wanted!

horseshoe bend Desert
horseshoe bend-arizona-desert
horseshoe bend
horseshoe bend-background-mountains
horseshoe bend-Page-Highway

We can now go, our journey is far from be over!! An Antelope is waiting for us.. 😉


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