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Geneva or Genéve as the inhabitants of this Switzerland gem call it, is situated on Lake Geneva and next to the French Alps. It’s a destination known mostly for its business affairs and international organizations like the UN, Red Cross and CERN. Geneva give its visitors a special atmosphere. Be sure it will. It embraces anyone walking in its streets and next to its lake. People here are very polite, they ask permission to pass, with courtesy and kindness. This is the Geneva atmosphere, along with the many parks, the historic Downtown, luxury hotels. It’s a city that knows how to adapt itself to different situations and people, from artists, workers,   travelers and couples looking for romanticism.

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How to get to Geneva?

There are various ways to reach Geneva. From Italy you can choose between: car, train or plane.

TRAIN. If you live in the north of Italy you can use the train. If you reserve well in advance, you can find cheap tickets (better buy return tickets). You’ll have a nice trip, a relaxing one, through very beautiful landscapes and scenarios, even with snow in winter or green field during summer.

CAR. From Italy the fastest way is by crossing the Mont Blanc tunnel. This way it is generally very relaxing and not too busy. And you’ll get straight in the city.

PLANE. I recommend you to catch the plane only if you are coming from far away, otherwise the journey by train or by car are the most pleasant ones.

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What to do in Geneva?

On its left side of the lake, we can find the old part of the city. Geneva’s heart, that has seen everything and knows all the city’s stories. Here we find St. Pierre Cathedral and the famous Place du Bourg-de-Four, nicely maintained, it takes you into a past, full of cultural contrasts, where you can relax doing shopping in a French atmosphere but with Swiss maniacal precision.
For young ones, Geneva has prepared specifically for them the right side of the lake, you can get there by feet or by using one of the many characteristic taxi-boat ‘The Moquettes‘. This way you’ll fully enjoy the most famous landmark of this city,’the Jet d’eau‘, a jet of water in the middle of the lake, 140 meters high. The right side of the lake, full of luxury hotels and restaurants can give you strong emotions through its multiethnic traits. Geneva creates dependency and curiosity, it push you to try something new and different.

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“My” Genève as I want to call it, not only has charm, typical of a Swiss city, but it is also very organized. Cornavin station trains is very well connected with the rest of the city, although my advice is, especially in a city like this, to choose a point where to start and then be carried around by feet, into the alleys and inside the city atmosphere, don’t be just a simple tourist, and do not focus just on famous aspects but try to enjoy what every Genevan breathes and lives every day. Just in this way you can really enjoy and live that city.

Things not to be Missed

Are you passionate about science, history, art, automobile, philosophy?
Geneva can meet each one of these passions. Passing (during spring) from the famous salon auto, to the street that gave birth to the famous philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. This is a very active city in terms of culture. You can visit numerous museums, theaters, and not forget the nuclear testing center CERN (don’t forget to reserve in advance your entrance). You’ll not get bored in this corner of Switzerland!
What not to be missed if you stay enough time in the area, is Mount Salève in the close France, there you’ll enjoy the view from above the city, the experience will leave you breathless, both by day and by night it will be just stunning!
Are you ready to fall in love with this city?
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