Scandinavia! Here we are! We are in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is the first time we visit this part of Europe, and as you can imagine we are very curious about it. This is a touristic destination but not as much as cities as Paris, London, Barcelona. But do worry, I’m giving you a couple of tips on what you should definitely see in Copenhagen: the world capital of bicycles, being the most bike friendly city in the world.

Top 10 things to do in Copenhagen:

1. The Little Mermaid

It is popular among the younger generations for the well known Disney movie, but originally it was created by Hans Christian Andersen in 1837, who wrote the story the brings its name and later sculpted by Carl Jacobs in 1909. In order to make more beautiful the Copenhagen Harbour. Today the Little Mermaid statue is the symbol of the Danish capital. It is not a huge statue, but it is very nice and you can visit it for free. A real must if you’re around!


The Little Mermaid

2. The auto declared independent district of Christiania

This area was occupied by a group of hippies in 1971, and then proclaimed independent state. Over the years, the Danish government has tried to free the area, but without success so far. At the moment this small suburb has his “independence” from the Danish government: consumption of light drugs are allowed, instead taking pictures is forbidden!

This is not the perfect place where to take your girlfriend. Yes it’s full of tourists, but it’s a set of seemed abandoned houses and buildings, where Christiania inhabitants leave. Within people that sell drugs and hide their appearance. Not the safest place in the world for sure. In winter time, they get warm setting fire into barrels. This is not the typical scene you expect to see in a Nordic Country.
Of course if you like the style maybe you’ll find it most exciting than me.
Not being able to take pictures, I can just show you the entrance of Christiania (below a picture in the neighborhood around Christiania).

Christiania Christiania



3. Copenhagen Street Food

Few minutes walking from Christiania, you’ll fine the Copenhagen Street Food. A shed full of small kiosks. Here you will find various types of cuisines from all around the world. What a tip? Try goose meat, this is really good!

Copenaghen Street Food

Copenaghen Street Food

4. Copenhagen Opera House

Very close to the Copenhagen Street Food is located the Copenhagen Opera House. Do you like Opera? Book an online ticket and attend the event!! Just be sure of what show are performed while you’ll be in the City. From here you can easily get to the other shore of the river by ferry, there is a public ferry service that connects the Opera district to Nyhanv district!

Copenhagen-Opera-House Copenhagen-Opera-House

5. Nyhavn

Even though the word Nyhavn means “New Port”, this is the ancient port of Copenhagen and one of the most popular destination in the Danish capital: actually my favorite one. Amazing colorful buildings, sidewalks with cafeterias and restaurants, bars and boats are creating a very charming and fascinating atmosphere! Oh and fun of bikes as well! 😀



6. Copenhagen Downtown

Unlike Berlin Copenhagen Downtown is very lively: full of shops, restaurants, bars and people walking around; even during winter time. You should take a walk in the evening or after lunch into these “warm” narrow streets! 😉

Copenhagen-Dowtown Copenhagen-Dowtown

7. Amalienborg

Here lives the Danish royal family. You’ll be interested to know that the full changing of the guard “show” takes place between 11.30am and 12.00pm. At 11.30am the guards depart from Rosenborg Castle and arrive at 12:00pm in Amalienborg. The normal change of the guard takes place every two hours, here in Amalienborg.

Amalienborg Amalienborg

8. St Alban Church and Gefion Fountain.

Walking from Little Mermaid statue towards Amalienborg, you’ll pass over this bridge where you’ll see this nice Protestant church and its spectacular fountain! And, if you look carefully on its right side, if you’re lucky you’ll see swans and birds in the adjacent water channel.



9. Kronberg Castle

This castle is not located in Copenhagen, but in a village one hour away from it: Rosenberg. Do you like castles? Then it is worthy the visit. Strictly linked to Shakespeare, a must if you visit Denmark! Here it seems that William (Shakespeare) has set his Hamlet. You can follow the free guide (after buying the entrance ticket to the castle), who will explain you in detail the history of this fortress. You will get immersed in the history of past centuries, the struggle between Danish and Swedish, and the story of Hamlet! 😉



10. Tivoli Gardens

Do you like parks? Well Tivoli Gardens, is not a mere park is an amusement park. Just in front of the Copenhagen train station. Be careful, during winter time it is closed, so before to book a flight, if you want to visit it, check on line the opening dates!

These were only 10 things that you should see in Copenhagen and the surroundings areas. Have you ever been there? Do you have any questions, suggestions or curiosities? Feel free to leave your comment to this article below!

.. And remember, keep traveling with us! 😉

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