Yesterday we visited Zion National Park, we don’t really know what to expect from Bryce Canyon, but everyone in the area highly recommend us to visit this Park too, so there we go!

We don’t want to repeat yesterday’s mistake, so we organize in advance the Bryce Canyon visit.
Indeed, Bryce Canyon, but on our way, we found ourself inside the Dixie National Forest. Another vast and wonderful park. The peculiarity of its rocks and landscape makes us stop immediately and take some amazing pictures. We have to do it, we cannot just pass through it without admiring the awesome sight, for at least few minutes.

We, then continue our trip, happy and satisfied, thanks to this unexpected stop.


Bryce Canyon visit

We get to Bryce Canyon, brief stop at the Information point, we get the map, we listened to the ranger advices, as always.

This is not a real Canyon, it is different from all the other Canyons, one of its special feature are its red rocks, called hoodoos.

We decide to drive around the park and then get off, to hike the most famous trail. We stop at the first panoramic view and got delighted. We’re stunned. We didn’t know what to expect from this park, and honestly it is difficult to explain the feeling that pervades us and  to describe the Canyon. We can say that Bryce Canyon is a window open to another planet. This is how it looks like, look out for a while, it doesn’t seem to be in one of the Star Wars planets?!


Hiking at Bryce Canyon

We feel adventurous and wild! We decide that the top panoramic view is not enough, so we go down: let’s hike! We still have the same equipment of yesterday, we’re not at all to hike this trail, converse and light jacket are not the best choice, we clearly didn’t learn anything from our past mistakes. The only positive thing is that we have a bottle of water at least.

We decided the route to take, we start from Sunrise Point, we follow the Queens garden trail and then go back to the Sunset Point via the Navajo Trail.

We found ourselves for almost 3 miles, in a place that seems to beone of the Star Wars sets. The atmosphere is almost unreal, we don’t understand where we are, but we’re totally excited for every hoodoos we get to see. We quickly use all our camera memory, and then we keep hiking in in places that only George Lucas could have imagine.


Cold and tired

Soon, the cold “brings us back down to earth” and when we meet the sign that says that there are still 1.5 miles to the end of the trail, we understand that we were not prepared at all.

The temperature goes down quickly, we feel the cold, we then increase our pace.
The final part of our hike is Navajo Trail, we have to climb to get the top, where our car is waiting for us. We started to climb with a fast pace, but soon we find ourselves exhausted, sweaty and with a crazy heart beating. We’d like to lie down on the sandy path and rest for a while, regaining strength, but cold wind make us change our minds.

Finally we arrive to the top exhausted and shivering. We didn’t have one single healthy meal in the last week, this does not help for sure. The sun goes down, so we decide that our adventurous spirit enough it over for today…maybe…

Back in the car again, our journey on the road must continue. We say see ya to the Bryce Canyon and to its extraterrestrial landscape.

bryce canyon arch
bryce canyon rocky gate

We now drive down toward Arizona, crossing part of south Utah, Google Maps says that there are 2 choices, the “wild” sandy road  or the “normal” highway. Adventure! This is the most used word of this trip! So let adventure be! 😉
Right signal and we turn right following the way of the sandy desert road. The sun is already gone, we are now in the middle of the desert, even the moon is not helping us, we’re in the complete darkness, and the cell phone has no signal. 55 miles of dusty road immerse in complete darkness, in the middle of nowhere, but we’re fearless with our Toyota Camry, we cross creeks, pass by cows that suddenly appear. It will take about two hours to get safely to our hotel in Page, for these two young “Indiana Jones”. 😀
We take our luggage off the car and then straight to the room.
Today too many things have happened, it’s definitely time to go to sleep.
Good night.

bryce canyon

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