Boston is not the first tourist destination you might thinking of. New York and California are perhaps the first ones to come in mind. If you’re coming from Europe, Boston is the closest city, within the US big cities, and one of the most old ones.
But let make it clear.

How to reach Boston

Boston is about a 10-hour flight from Europe. Flight prices from the old Continent are from $500 to $1000 return, depending the season. This is one of the thing you you’ll see once you get to Logan International Airport. Rocking chairs, planes, and music on the background, what else!

Boston Logan International Airport

Boston & New York together? Why not?

Boston is about 4 hours drive from New York City, not that bad. With 7-10 days you’ll have the chance to visit the majority of the things NYC and Boston can offer you.

If you decide to visit both cities, I suggest you to select on your favorite flight search engine, the option “multiple destinations”, and flight to NYC and on your way back you might fly from Boston (traveling by car or bus between NYC & Boston), or either way, first to Boston and then NYC. You’ll save money and time.


Boston, one of the oldest Cities in the States

How the United States would be today without Boston? We cannot say for sure, but the riots (Tea Party) happened back in 1773 in this city, brought to the beginning of the Independence War from England. All freedom, new ideas owned by the United States, it all started here.
Boston is located in New England. Right, England, more than any other place in the State, you feel like being in England. Of course a New England, but still with a lot of history, 250 years old.

One of the historical traits of Boston is the famous Freedom Trail. A marked trail, some 3 miles long, that goes around Boston Downtown, and it will take you to the these Boston historical places:

  1. Boston Common
  2. Massachusetts State House
  3. Park Street Church
  4. Granary Burying Ground
  5. King’s Chapel
  6. King’s Chapel Burying Ground
  7. Benjamin Franklin statue and former site of Boston Latin School
  8. Old Corner Bookstore
  9. Old South Meeting House
  10. Old State House
  11. Site of the Boston Massacre
  12. Faneuil Hall
  13. Paul Revere House
  14. Old North Church
  15. Copp’s Hill Burying Ground
  16. USS Constitution
  17. Bunker Hill Monument

This is the Freedom Trail: a must in Boston. Walking the same steps of the first pilgrims, according to tradition. And visit the rest of Boston, being immerse in the history of this great country.


Boston Common and Boston Harbour

Freedom Trail passes through Boston Common, the largest park in Boston, where many University Students spend their breaks between a test and another (above a couple of pictures of the park).

Boston is not only a historic city but also a university city. Home of two of the most famous American Universities: Harvard and MIT.

Something not to be missed is also the harbor of Boston, where you can catch boats and go for whale watching, and the Quincy Maket where you can enjoy delicious food from different part of the world. I do personally Iove Clam Chowder. 😉



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