From Montpellier to Bordeaux

10:30 am, believe it or not, we went to bed at 4.00am, it’s 7 of us with only one bathroom, but we’re ready to go! And here we are on the road again, four hours by car, passing through Toulouse, direction of Bordeaux. It’s 7 of us in a 7-seat car with 7 bags…. you can just imagine it, not even the world champion of Tetris would have done better!! Surely more popular than Montpellier, Bordeaux is famous for its wine, distributed worldwide, making it the world capital of wine. Unfortunately we can only spend one day it the city and the weather does not assist us. A slight drizzle, London style, welcomes us and keeps us company until our departure the next day. But that does not stop us, a ride in the car around downtown, and then a walk in the pedestian zonepermits us to get the taste of that city, which has to offer much more than just a glass of wine! Someone had already tell me about this city in a very positive way, but I did not realize its beauty, until I saw it with my own eyes. It’s a pity that it’s raining, if it is so beautiful in the rain, how it will be with good weather?! Who knows when and if we will come back again…
Meanwhile, I taste this:

Luxury hotel in Bordeaux
Bordeaux-Saint-Jean Railway Station
Streets of Bordeaux

Bordeaux by Night

They said to me that during summer time, in front of a marvelous palace, the royal residence, they fill the square with few centimeters of water, creating the so-called Le Miroir d’eau de la Place de la Bourse“, (Place de la Bourse Water Mirror), so that at night the whole building with its lights and colors are reflected in the water, creating a breathtaking view! This is Place de la Bourse!

Place de la Bourse and its fountain
Streets of Bordeaux with lights

I hate doing things in a rush, especially if I like what I’m doing and what if what I’m seeing is worthy. Unfortunately time is running out and it’s already time to go to bed. But before that a local meat-based dinner and a short walk through the narrow streets of Bordeaux Downtown. I have to say that French roads are surprisingly tight, both in Montpellier and in Bordeaux. You can barely pass through their narrow streets, at every turn there is the risk to hit something! By feet there is not problem, anyways, those streets are indeed very characteristic.

There is so much to see and little time! I decided, I will get up early tomorrow and do a tour of Downtown by visiting all I can in Bordeaux!!

Breakfast with…Ibuprofene

Monday morning at 8.30 am, the alarm wake me up: I got a crazy headache!🙁
All my good intentions are going to be ruined, the hope of a beautiful sunny day too. I have to eat something, thankfully few steps walking from the hotel, there is a nice little bar, with so many good things to eat!! Cafe au Lait, pan au chocolat, baguettes with apricot jam and orange juice …so delicious!!
This great French breakfast, and two tablets of ibuprofene, put me back on the track, but time flies and it started to rain harder: it will be for next time then!

We really appreciate the ride our friends give us to the Bordeaux Airport!! Yes, because unlike what I thought, the airport is not really well connected to Downtown, there is few public transportation. By car it takes you some 20 minutes to get there, by public transportation it takes at least an hour they tell us. The Billi terminal, the less beautiful, is waiting for us, from there all low cost airlines are flying. How thankful I’m that Bordeaux has low cost connection flights with Milan!! With only € 40.00, and an hour flight journey, we got home. Yes guys, there is no dubt, plane beats train!! Just compare 11 hours of train with heavy baggage loads, with one hour of flight!!
The Bordeaux trip is over but I’ll talk to you from Barcelona soon!! 😉

Breakfast in Bordeaux


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