Barcelona: for sure  this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Often it is compared to Madrid. But the two cities (both beautiful and full of culture and life) are very different. I do personally love Madrid (and I invite you to read our article on this beautiful city), but in my heart my preference remains Barcelona.
Compared to Madrid, Barcelona is definitely more touristy with more attractions and more works of art to visit. In addition, Barcelona has a seaside, if you want you can lie on the sunny beach.
In this article I’ll mention some of the most important places to visit in the city. Let’s go!

What you should see in Barcelona

  1. El Mirador de Colom

This monument is 60m tall and is dedicated to Christopher Columbus. The Catalans claim the origins of the Italian navigator. There is conflicting evidence on this question. Christopher was able to speak Catalan, but he was also able to speak Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. In addition, the first names of his parents and brothers were clearly Italian. I leave it to you to form your own conclusions, in the meantime I suggest you pay few euros and go up tho the top of the monument  to have a magnificent view of the Rambla and of the Old Port of Barcelona! 🙂

Old Port Barcellona


  1. Arc de Triomphe – Parc de la Ciutadella

Not as well-known as the more famous Parc Güell, Parc de la Ciutadella is the place for you if you love green areas. It is located near to the district of Barceloneta and  Ciutadella Olimpica (an area full of places to visit, as you will see later!).



  1. Tibidabo

Located on the mountain overlooking Barcelona, this amusement park is not as nice as Port Aventura (which is about an hour’s drive south of Barcelona), but it’s worth the visit just for the view you get from outside the entrance. You’ll admire this breathtaking panorama!


  1. The Barceloneta-Mapfre Towers

As I said before, located next to Parc de la Ciutadella is the district of Barceloneta. It is famous for hosting some of the most popular beaches in Barcelona. Well if weather permits, why don’t you take a trip to the sea!?
And if you continue walking along the seafront, you will arrive to the Mapfre Towers. These two skyscrapers (named after the most popular insurance company in Spain) overlook the seafront into the Ciutadella Olimpica. This area was built and renewed for the 1992 Olympic Games. Although many years have passed since then, the area is very nice and I’m sure you’ll enjoy waking in it, maybe at sunset.



  1. Las Ramblas & Gothic District

Did you know? There are more than just one Rambla. The one on the following picture is the main and most famous one. It links Plaza Catalonia with the Columbus Monument, next to the ancient port of Barcelona. To the east side you’ll find the Gothic District. Both are a must if you’re visiting Barcelona!


  1. Camp Nou

True, in Barcelona and in Madrid, you can take tours inside the respective sports stadiums. But what about being a part of  90,000 fans screaming and singing to support their own team?! Depending on the scheduled games, you might find tickets for €20.00-30.00. You should not miss out such an occasion! You can watch some of the best world soccer players in a world soccer temple!


  1. Torre Agbar

While this is not a historical art masterpiece, it is a modern architectural work worth a visit. Various business offices are located here. If you love skyscrapers, you will enjoy taking some pictures of Torre Agbar (Barcelona’s Water Tower), especially during sunset and  afterwards when it becomes illuminated with bright and striking colors. The Tower is not far from the Barceloneta and Ciutadella Olimpica district.


  1. Parc Güell

Here is one of the best places where you can admire the works of the talented artist, Gaudi, for free. You will be walking a lot, but it’s worth it! Especially if you decide to reach one of the two observation points of the park. From there you can see Barcelona at 360 °! I suggest you go there in the early morning or late afternoon if you visit Barcelona in the warmer months!


  1. La Sagrada Familia

Certainly the most famous masterpiece artwork of Gaudi and of Barcelona. This cathedral, whose construction never ends, has a huge charm. You’ll appreciate its architecture, both from the outside, and from the inside. The outside original part, designed and built by Gaudi, is clearly recognized: the modern part is not as beautiful as the original and too stylized. I love the colorful art of Gaudi!
The Sagrada Familia is for sure a must during your trip in Barcelona!!


  1. La Pedrera-Casa Batllo

If you’ve never been to Barcelona, I recommend you to visit both houses: Casa Battlò and La Pedrera! The admission tickets are quite expensive. The interiors will surprise you! If you love art and bright colors, this is your place! Gaudi gave his best in the realization of these two icons of Barcelona. Both located a few hundred meters apart, on Passeig de Gracia. Few minutes walking distance from the central Plaza Catalunya.
In the area an elegant boulevard of fancy shops and boutiques!


That was just a taste of the Catalan capital. I will update you with other articles on this magical and lively city! Stay tuned and keep traveling with us! 😉
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