Toward the Real Bali

After a stopover in Dubai, and 17 hours of flight we finally land at Denpasar airport. We’re exhausted, we struggle to reach the exit.
The hotel shuttle should already be here waiting for us. Looking around us we realize we are surrounded by an angry mob of cabs drivers ready to “fight” in order to get a customer. But regarding our shuttle driver not even a glimpse. It is already dark outside here. It’s almost 11pm and we got no rest in the last 30 hours. We’re not willing to wait anymore: so we decide to look for another mean of transportation to the hotel, and suddenly here he is, our driver!! Where was he?? Nevermind, the only thing we’re concerned to is to get to our bed as soon as possible!

The Alarm!! It’s already the next morning! We just cannot get up, the alarm rings and rings many times. We’re on holiday, I guess…why did I set the alarm? Good question! I dunno! Lol No wait!! We have to catch the ferry!! That’s why!! and it’s already late. Hurry up!!

We pack in no time and we get out of the room in seconds. We catch a cab, and even though he do not speak english very well, he understand our destination and he starts to drive as a crazy driver in the crazy Bali traffic.

We thank him and we catch our ferry, destination Nusa Lembongan, regarding what  happened on this island, we will talk about it in a future post.

Back to Bali. We decide that the time to visit the wonders of Bali has arrived. Traffic is insane, they drive on the left hand side of the road, but we’re brave, we take courage so we rent a scooter. After few minutes of pure terror, we get used to it in a sense and we arrive sound and safe our first destination.

Tanah Lot.

One of the most beautiful temples here in Bali, located on a rock in the middle of the sea. That’s something really fascinating. After enjoying the view of the awesome Nasi Goreng, we go back on our motor scooter: next stop, Uluwatu temple.

Uluwatu Temple.

This one is quite far from the previous one, but we’re not scared, we’re adventurous. We fill the tank up with a vodka bottle, filled with gas, sold by a old nice lady on the sidewalk. Now we are 100% ready. After several minutes of crazy driving we arrive at Uluwatu temple. We were told that sunset here is breathtaking, and indeed it was like that: something indescribable.


Everyone always try to describe what he or she has visited, seen, with the best words possible, but I do realize that is quite difficult to transmit with words the same feelings I perceived on the spot! By the way I try my best. As pics usually do not render justice to the reality. All I can say is that this Bali sunset has given us so many beautiful, deep emotions, so hard to describe. So why do you have blog then? You might ask me. Well because I won’t give up, I want to keep trying to tell you the experiences and the places I’m visiting, and then ,maybe throughout my stories, my pictures, my videos, you’ll get curious and you might find yourself visiting the same breathtaking places 🙂

This was supposed to be a post concerning Bali, but at the end I included some deep thoughts in it. We might continue traveling together in Bali in the future post. 😉

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