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| Jan 28, 2015 |

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Something About us!

Hi everyone! This is Alex & David, one from Milan with Greek backgrounds and the other one from Tuscany. The fusion of our interests, passions and experiences gave birth to this Travel Blog: the Polakidis Blog. Life experiences in the States, UK and Australia, travels in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania, taught us that there is a big world, a world that is waiting for us, for you, to be explorer, lived, tasted, discovered! Tireless travelers, always packing and unpacking and with travel tickets in the other hand, we felt the need to share our experiences, our travels, our emotions, with you, as with close friends while having dinner together. A brief chat, we tease one another, we show pictures, video and we tell the lasted news. This is our idea in the web. Hope to make you laugh, meditate, dream..travel with us.

Greetings and Have a Safe Journey. Alex & David

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