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horseshoe bend blurry

Horse Shoe Bend, Probably My Favorite Canyon

Pictures just can’t describe it as it is for real, breathtaking!! We have seen lots of beautiful places so far in that trip, but this… read more

Paris landscape

Paris, What You Should See in the City of Lovers

Paris! The city of love, romance, couples in search of their perfect weekend and wedding declarations on top of the Eiffel Tower. Is that all? read more

boston pier park

Boston, American History in the Heart of New England

Boston is about 4 hours drive from New York City, not that bad. With 7-10 days you’ll have the chance to visit the majority of the things NYC and Boston can offer you…read more

Brandeburg Gate

Berlin, Between Cold War, Wall and much more!

Berlin. I always wanted to visit the current Germany’s capital. I heard about it a lot and this has created in me some ideas, ideas that have to be compared with the reality. Cosmopolitan, open-minded, young and modern city…read more

brooklyn bridge

Manhattan by Bike: Why, When and How

One of your days in Manhattan I highly recommend to hire a bike! You’ll be able to stop wherever you want, take pics, live the jungle New Yorker traffic: live Manhattan!… read more

marmaris casa tipica

Rhodes, the Wonder of the Dodecanese

Rhodes is definitely one of the main tourist destinations of the Mediterranean and with a good reason!
Let’s take a brief overview of the main island of the Dodecanese. In greek Ῥόδος, it is the easternmost of the major islands of the Aegean Sea
.. read more

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